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Villa Soto Kings & Queens - Sotogrande


The world’s most glamorous sport is at home in Sotogrande — ever since the first chukker was played in 1965.


Polo in Sotogrande

Since 1967, when the first competitive polo started, Sotogrande has seen the tournament level being raised to 22 goals, matching the UK. 

The International Polo Tournament held from late July to late August and with a WPT Championship category- stands out and gathers the world’s best players.

Polo sport and lifestyle not only attract an elite: corporate hospitality and family gatherings also take place in the “after-polo” culture at restaurants, bars and pop-up shops.

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Polo Clubs

Sotogrande gathers a number of clubs that offer not only their state-of-the art premises but also top-level services. 

Santa María Polo Club, Ayala, Dos Lunas and Polo Valley are the most famous ones.

Clubs offer, amongst other things, practice fields, all-weather exercise grounds, stables, shaded pens, horse preparation for high-level competition and dressage.

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Play at

Los Pinos fields I, II, III & Iv

4,2 Km | 7 minutes

Santa María Polo Club is one of the best in the world with nine polo fields, premium category stables and exercise track areas for horses and also with facilities to host corporate events.

Los Pinos fields are 4,2 Km away from Villa Soto Kings and Queens or a 7 minutes drive.

Play at

Rio Sotogrande fields I & II

290 meters | 2 minutes walking

Rio Sotogrande fields I&II are 290 meters away from Villa Soto Kings and Queens or a 2 minutes walk.

Play at

Puente de Hierro fields I, II, III

6 Km | 11 minutes

Puente de Hierro fields I, II&III are 6 Km away from Villa Soto Kings and Queens or an 11 minutes drive.